NAEA PAC:让你的声音被听到. 

NAEA 2023 – 2024 PAC BOARD From L to R: Thomas Gorczynski (AZ); Jennifer MacMillan (CO); Jake Johnstun, Chair (UT); Phyllis Jo Kubey, Secretary (NY); Al Thomson (VA); Jean Nelsen (CA) (not pictured)

NAEA 2023 – 2024 PAC BOARD From L to R: Thomas Gorczynski (AZ); Jennifer MacMillan (CO); Jake Johnstun, Chair (UT); Phyllis Jo Kubey, Secretary (NY); Al Thomson (VA); Jean Nelsen (CA) (not pictured)

宣传 is the heartbeat of NAEA and one of the highly prized benefits of membership.

NAEA advocacy—a critical component of our government relations activities—seeks solutions to problems to promote and protect the rights of enrolled agents. 最重要的是, NAEA advocacy ensures that your voice is heard on the essential role of enrolled agents in the tax administration process and provides a platform to educate legislators and policymakers and to participate in the democratic process.  

在已故威廉·D. 比尔·佩恩,艺电 NAEA PAC 成立于2006年.

Shoulder-to-shoulder with NAEA advocacy is the NAEA political action committee (NAEA PAC). The NAEA PAC is a powerful tool for supporting candidates for public office who are aligned with NAEA’s policy agenda, 让注册代理人参与我们的宣传工作, 提高成员的参与度和认可度. 当成员自愿向NAEA PAC捐款时, they are making a deliberate decision to get politically involved with the policy issues enrolled agents care about most.  

由法律规定, associations like NAEA are prohibited from providing direct political support to candidates in the form of corporate or individual dollars to fund federal elections. 出于这个原因, federal and state election commissions allow political action committees (PACs) to be used as a means of providing individuals who share common interests a way to leverage their financial support for candidates who they support. The dollars used to fund candidate campaigns come from members, not from the organization itself.  

不止4个,600活跃, 在黄金城电子娱乐网址注册的政治行动委员会, one-third of which are association PACs (trade associations and professional societies). PACs play a positive role by getting more people involved in the political process and building relationships with their members of Congress. They are a popular and transparent means of participating in and financing federal elections. PACs continue to be the most widely used way for associations to engage in elections. 

The NAEA PAC plays an essential role in advocating for our issues at the federal level, working toward positive results for tax policy and tax administration, 并保护登记代理人的执业权利. Member contributions to the NAEA PAC are welcome at any time and can be made online at NAEA PAC. 

Disbursement decisions for the NAEA PAC are made through the following criteria:  

  • The legislative issues of greatest concern to EAs are generally those of tax policy and tax administration, 是由国会税务委员会发起的吗. 因此, NAEA PAC generally limits its contributions to incumbent members of the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee, 重点是这些委员会的领导. Exceptions to this provision may be considered for non-tax writing committee members whose direct role in tax-related issues warrants NAEA PAC support.  
  • Our goal is to use the NAEA PAC to interact directly with members of Congress, 讨论对已登记代理人重要的事项, 提高对专业的认识, and to inform members of Congress about NAEA and the competency and professionalism of the enrolled agent community.  
  • The NAEA PAC Board approves NAEA PAC disbursements through a majority vote.  

Show your support for NAEA’s advocacy priorities and make your voice heard where it counts with a contribution to the NAEA PAC.

2024 - 2025年NAEA PAC董事会领导

Alexander Thomson, Chair (VA)                       Term ends December 31, 2025

Phyllis Jo Kubey, Vice Chair (NY)                    Term ends December 31, 2024

David Gannaway (NJ)                                  Term ends December 31, 2025

Thomas Gorczynski (AZ)                                   Term ends December 31, 2025

Jake Johnstun (UT)                                            Term ends December 31, 2023

Jean Nelsen (CA)                                                 Term ends December 31, 2024